Detailed Specs


  • All activity takes place within an Account, titled with a unique name. 
  • A new Account Manager starts with a 21 Day Free Trial that can be upgraded at any time to a Senior, Core or Junior paid Plan, or stay with a limited Free Account. 
  1.  All activity takes place within an Account , titled with a unique name.
  2.  A new Account Manager starts with a 21 Day Free Trial that can be upgraded at any time to a Senior, Core or Junior paid Plan, or stay with a limited Free Account. 

Cliizii Roles & My Dashboard

  • Anyone can have access to multiple Accounts and Roles in Cliizii, depending on whether they've opened their own Account, been selected as a Host, or invited as a Guest or  Spectator.  All on just one universal email/password with Facebook or Google+ social login options. 
  • At login, you first go to My Dashboard, and select which combination of Account, Role, and Chat Session you want to enter. 

Tab-1: Account Profile

  • Upgrade Paid Plan, and purchase further SMS credits (for Focus).
  • Add more Account Managers to share the workload, cover leave, and look after individual brand projects in an enterprise. 

Tab-2: Chat Session Builder

  • Step-1: Name your Chat Session, set the Start & End Times/Dates.
  • Choose whether Social Forum, Forum or Focus format.
  • Select the Host from any Contact List.
  • (Optional) display only Anonymous code-names instead of first names, for sensitive projects. 
  • (Optional) select your Brand Logo and Colours for emails and the Chat Room.
  • Step-2: Create discussion Topics, whether new, Stock, existing Topics from previous Sessions, or the Topic bank you've pre-set in Resources. 
  • At any time, before or during the Session, you can change the order of Topics, select a Landing Topic, choose to Show/Hide a Topic and add new Topics. 
  • Keeping to one idea per Topic, focusses the discussion threads, and provides fast access to insights in Reporting. 
  • Step 3: Customise the Chat Session invitation and follow-up emails.
  • This quality-control feature ensures you have modified all the emails to Guests, in your style, before being sent. 
  • It includes the First Invitation (for acceptance & check-in), auto-emails triggered if they select a decline option (Not Now, But Later or Never), and the Session Closed-Thanks email. 
  • Extra images and video links can be added to any email.
  • Incentive, Start&End Time/Dates and Host contact are all auto-filled, along with suggested
    default text. 
  • Brand Logo & Colours are included if selected in Step 1
  • A Generic Email can also be customised for any communication with your Contact List(s).  Which makes it possible to run a "pop-up" community on a tight budget. 
  • All customised emails are automatically saved for potential future use, along with versions you can pre-set in Resources. 
  • Step 4: Select and invite Guests to your Chat Session, from a Contact List, which includes previous Response History,rating and profile fields. This enables priority invitation of those not contacted for a while, and who best fit the needs of the Session, and prevents over-use of Contacts. 
  • The Contact List can be created or added to from here, including manual entry, database Import, Survey-Recruiter. Same as in Resources. 
  • Accept/Decline Responses to the invitation emails are tracked here, so further invitations can be sent to "top-up" the Guest numbers as needed. All responses are written back into the individual Guest's history. 
  • In Focus format SMS texts can be managed and sent from here, as reminders of Session start-times, and other alerts. 
  • Generic emails can also be sent as another form of messaging and alerts.
  • Step 5: is for selecting and inviting Spectators, from any Contact List (optional). 
  • This is used when you would like other staff and other stakeholders to view a Session in progress, without being able to interact with Guests, who will not know if anyone is viewing. 

Open & Close Chat Session

  • The Host can enter the Chat Room at any time to prepare Topics and activities, interact with Guests when Open to them, and produce Reports.
  • Cliizii is highly visual and social, so we recommend using Images on the Whiteboard (with real-time drawing & mark-up in Focus), running a Pinboard exercise (Focus), and playing multi-media to stimulate Guest engagement for better results. More in Resources below.
  • At the Close of the Session, you can Rate each Guest and make comments on their contribution (never visible to them). Rating averages are also displayed on your Sessions list, so you can monitor the big picture of Session quality. 
  • The Session-Closing-Thanks email includes Guest response on interest in future Sessions, which is recorded in their History.

Tab-3: Resources

  • Both smaller and larger enterprises can save considerable time setting up Cliizii Chat Sessions using Resources prepared earlier, and also saved automatically from previous Sessions in the Account.
  • The Gallery stores images, video, audio and PDF files, including Cliizii Stock Images to get started.
  • Contact List management includes creating a new List manually, using Survey-Recruiter, or importing an existing database. Note: Social Forum also functions a Recruiter, as set-up in Tab 2 - Chat Session Builder.
  • Survey-Recruiter is a mini-survey tool that can be branded with your logo. It asks a short set of customised questions both closed and open-ended types, with suggested defaults. Can also include video/audio/images for testing and/or segmenting by responses, and collects future email-permissions to build an instant Contact List from scratch, via a hot-link on your social media, website or email campaign. View-Save Stats of the results and Export the data in CSV.
  • Importing an existing database is easy with a Mapping tool to arrange your fields to be Cliizii - compatible.
  • All Contact Lists can include Custom Fields specific to your business such as demographics, purchase behaviour, or attitudes to your brand. So you can run a Session where all Participants share the same profile OR mix them up.
  • Topics can be created anytime for future use, including those used in previous Sessions, which can be copied and modified to save time when you have common themes, and/or want to trend longer-term patterns of insights. These also include default Stock Topics with tried & true conversation-starters for a fast set-up.
  • Email Templates supports one-time preparation of future Sessions by allowing you to customise emails in your own brand style and saving them with unique names. Generic emails can be saved as specific message themes to use as alerts during Sessions, post-Session follow-up on the outcome of the chat, and in a "pop-up" community scenario.
  • Brand Colours can be stored as a variety of Schemes for different brands and occasions, to be applied in Email Templates and Chat Room Sessions.
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