Our S​​​​tory

​By Judy Celmins, Cliizii CEO & Co-Founder

Over the years it’s been our job and pleasure, to help many radio companies around the world talk to their listeners.

But the elephant in the room was having no choice, but to use traditional market research methods. Betraying the station’s brand values.

So back in the early 2000s we started playing with a variety of new techniques, to make research more entertaining & engaging.

The journey has had its challenges, as with any business starting from scratch. But, somehow all the stresses dissolve when you see it all working just the way we envisaged.

It was so thrilling when we did our very first chat session with real Guests. They didn’t want to leave, just raving about the experience. And with happy Guests (as we call our participants), come happy clients.

Some would say we’re obsessed! Well, it has been 7 intense years of experimentation, endlessly testing and designing each new improvement. And it’s impossible to share the sheer joy of seeing our dream come to life with such amazing results.

We’re also blessed to enjoy such a great life balance and creative thinking space, here in the picturesque sea & snowy mountain ranges of Nelson, top of New Zealand’s South Island. If you haven’t visited, put it on your bucket list!

OK, I could ramble on 🙂 , but hopefully you get the picture of our personal journey with Cliizii. And our commitment to making talking to customers accessible, fun and rewarding for everyone.

Please feel free to reach out to us personally … we’d love to help you realise your dreams.
All the best

Eriks & Judy

Easy, stress free chat with my past guests
I picked the topics for discussion and got honest opinions from past clients. Instead of me telling the decision makers what was needed for the future growth of the business, I can now pass on direct opinions from the clients to those who control the capital spending. It puts the top brass, who never see the clients, in touch with those who buy their product and enables me to validate the input I'm giving the PTB's. I'll keep using this program to make my management that much easier.

- Robin McAdam
General Manager - Port Douglas Apartments
Really enjoyed
Really enjoyed last night, can’t wait to do more!

- Ross Flahive,
ZM Content Director - NZME New Zealand
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