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I've been immersed in media research globally, over decades. And very concerned about treating brand fans like cattle, when they're so generous with their time and loyalty. To the point of developing cliizii, my own fan insights platform, fuelled by relationships & conversations.

Sometimes you have space to use insights for planning content & marketing initiatives. Other times, when things go pear-shaped, I know too well, how you're asked "WHAT DOES THE AUDIENCE THINK...AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?" By yesterday!

This calls for a RAPID RESPONSE FROM YOUR FANS,  not the long weeks of lead-in time, and big budgets for traditional research. cliizii is easy & affordable, designed to have your active fans on-call.  Giving you the feedback you need, to fix your burning issues.

OR road-test a new concept overnight, like a marketing message & collateral, using our multi-media player and snap-vote to break the endless email debates.

To me, this is the EXCITING & ADDICTIVE 😊, aspect of talking to people and seeing the real-time conversation threads evolve in our fun & friendly Chat Room. Guests and Host are buzzing!

"Thanks for letting us have our say, again another thing that makes this feel like a community and not just a number in a rating" cliizii Guest Testimonial.

If you want to 'entertain' your fans while gathering actionable insights, reach out to me. I love coming up with creative solutions!

Thanks for reading,

Eriks Celmins


Really enjoyed

Really enjoyed last night, can’t wait to do more!

Ross Flahive ZM Content Director - NZME New Zealand

Open discussion and direct feedback

cliizii is an easy tool to use for both internal and external marketing purposes, it creates a platform for open discussion and direct feedback. The Summary Report is a useful collation of the results of each session.

Claire Achilles Office Manager & Marketing Manager


If you don't learn one new insight into your fans, after chatting to them using a cliizii Session, we'll give you your money back!

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