Why & How-To Use Cliizii…

Q. Do I need market research experience?

A. No, Cliizii is designed to be easy as, with lots of walk-throughs, tips, guides and templates to get started. The comprehensive Help menu also includes videos and GIFs.

Q. I don't have a database of people I want to chat to? How do I find them?

A. The really cool thing about Cliizii, is you can post a URL to any social media page or website, and bring people straight into the Chat Room to try it out. Then when they've had a good time, you can ask quick profiling questions, and permission to contact them for future Chat Sessions. This generates an instant Contact List inside Cliizii.

You can use this Social Forum as a recruitment tool, that permanently sits on your social media.  You could even welcome new page followers with a link to "have your say".  This is the power of Cliizii. Building a permission Contact List that you can tap into any time you need fast answers - while building even stronger relationships.

OR you can use Survey-Recruiter, which is our easy-setup, online survey. This sits inside Cliizii taking away the need for any other DIY survey tool. Because you can ask a short series of questions, including Video/Audio/Image samples, collect email-permission, post the link on your website or social media,  and instantly generate your new Contact List from the completed surveys.

Q. I'm really busy, am I going to have time to do this?

A. If you don't have time, you can take the Full-Service Plan option and engage us to set-up your Chat Session. We can also provide hands-on coaching, so you can manage future Chat Sessions yourself. We've made it easy with features like Stock Topics & Images, and suggested text in Email Templates.

Q. Why should I spend time chatting to customers?

A. Customers are the lifeblood of your business! Not chatting to them risks not knowing their true motivations. You'll be surprised at how keen your customers are to help you, especially when you do it in a personal engaging way.

Discussing issues you're dealing with in your business empowers them and also gives you valuable feedback that will save hours of meetings and sleepless nights, guessing the right direction.

It's also a great way to tune marketing messages to match your customers' expressed needs, in their language, not business-jargon. Cliizii will also strengthen your relationship with customers and increase sales, because they'll feel involved with your brand and its success.

Q. I'm already doing surveys, so why would I use Cliizii?

A. A survey relies on pre-set answers for data on What your customers are doing. But not the Why.

Cliizii addresses our basic instinct to be social, and opens up group conversations to capture people's deeper thoughts & feelings about your product/service, in their own words.

You'll pick up on issues you didn't know existed, which a survey will miss. And they'll also feel more involved in your brand and its success.

Q. Why can't I just throw some questions out on Facebook?

A. There are problems with using Facebook and other social media, for quality feedback you can trust. Including biased agendas from some followers, no profiling when you don't know exactly who's making a comment, lack of privacy, and the potential to sift through large amounts of info wastage, before uncovering the occasional nugget of insight. There's also a risk of trolls, going far beyond any valid criticism.

Cliizii is designed for profiling, privacy and focused discussion Topics, giving you total control over the process and your brand values. While still receiving honest, direct feedback.

Q. Isn't market research expensive and only for big companies?

A. Not any more. We've made chatting to your customers simple and social, so anyone can access fast answers, and save a pot of money. Cliizii works as both a marketing and insights tool, because you get the added benefit of building a long-term relationship with customers.

Q. Can I host my own Chat Sessions?

A. Yes we've made it easy for you to chat directly with your customers on Cliizii. Just like chatting to a group of friends over coffee, using our support templates and guidelines. People like to have an "insider's" connection to decision-makers, and feel like they're making a difference to your brand.

Q. Can I use an existing database?

A. You can import any database CSV file to create a completely new Contact List, or merge with an existing list, and map the matching fields. The basic Required Fields are First Name, Last Name, Email Address. Everything else is optional, including 16 Custom Fields for your own details, such as purchasing history.

Q. Can I profile my Contact List and talk to targeted people?

A. As well as the standard contact information, you can use up to 16 Custom Fields for your own profiling. Whether that's from an existing database you've imported, or created from scratch using our Social Forum or Survey-Recruiter tools.

Q. Can I use multimedia in my Session?

A. You can include audio and video files to play in a Session, upload images on the Whiteboard, or display PDFs. Ideal for testing marketing collateral or creative stimulation, with a Vote feature.

Q. Can I assign other people to manage my Account?

A. Yes, you can give permission for others in your organization to access your account. This gives your Account added cover in case someone is unavailable.

Q. Can I upgrade my account?

A. You can upgrade to a higher Plan at any time.

Q. Can I have more than one Contact List within Cliizii?

A. Yes. You can build new Contact Lists using Social Forum or Survey Recruiter. Even if you don't have an active Chat Session we will store them for you ready for your next Chat Session.

Q. Can I invite people from more than one Contact List to a Session?

A. No, because of our Custom Fields and Chat Report features, you need to use one Contact List only per Session for a more in-depth understanding of your Guests. This also means you can run a Chat Session with all Guests of a similar profile.

Chat Sessions...

Q. How many Chat Sessions can I have running at the same time?

A. You can have as many as you can handle! Our On Demand Pricing Plans are based on the exact number of Chat Sessions you need at a given time. Unlimited Plans are all you can eat, whenever.

Q. How long can a Chat Session remain open?

A. A Session can remain open for any period of time. Which will depend on the nature of your project e.g. whether you want some fast feedback on one issue overnight, or need to explore a larger number of Topics over a period of days, or even weeks. Keeping in mind the need to keep Guests entertained and engaged over that time.

If you purchased your Chat Session via the On-Demand Plan it will expire at the end of one month, but by purchasing another Session you can keep that Chat Session live.

Q. Do all the Guests have to be involved in a Chat Session at the same time?

A. If you want a short “Real Time" Chat Session for a quick discussion, then its best to have everyone check in at the same time. But if your Guests can only go online at different times of day, or even across countries and time-zones, then you have the flexibility to run the Session in "Social Time" at their convenience. You could also start a Session in Real Time, and use Social Time for follow-up Topics.

Q. How do I choose between a Forum or Focus Chat Session? How do I know which is right for me?

A. A Cliizii-Forum is suitable for a wider range of opinions from more people, and can be slightly faster to set-up, because it's an open invitation to as many of your Contact List as you like.

Note that Social Forum is the fastest of all to set-up, with only 2 Steps.

On the other hand, Cliizii-Focus allows more in-depth discussion between a tight group of up to 8 people, with the additional creative possibilities of the Whiteboard for image mark-ups, brainstorming, and Pinboard upload of their own image-content on a particular topic.

Q. Do I need to provide Incentives to Guests?

A. While most people will be motivated to participate in a Cliizii Chat Session because they want to make a difference to your brand, it's sensible to reward their valuable contribution. In Cliizii-Forum, a prize-draw of a major item and 2-3 minors would be suitable.

Cash is always the most popular, because its up to the recipient how they spend it. And a retail store gift card is very convenient for fulfillment.
For Cliizii-Focus, we recommend gifting every individual Guest, provided they complete all the Topics. Sourcing and fulfilment of Incentives is your responsibility, and they can be as simple as product/service samples or promotional merchandise.

Q. Is a Chat Session private and secure?

A. Cliizii is designed so all of your Admin and Chat Session activities are completely private to you and other Account Managers. Permissions for access to different parts of the platform are strictly controlled according to your Role.

Guests can never contact each other privately, and are only ever identified in a Session by first name or nickname. Or you can make the Session anonymous, which assigns a random "code-word" to each Guest.

Cliizii is built on the latest Google secure-server technologies, and data-protection conforms to international standards.

Q. Why do you have Avatars, and why do they look like that?

A. Cliizii is about making all Guests feel at home. So they're relaxed and comfortable about sharing their opinions. Our Avatars take away privacy concerns, and any need to compete with others on selfies, or even offensive images.

When designing them we wanted something that includes everyone. No matter what ethnic group, skin color, eye shape or even religious beliefs. And whether we like it or not, as humans we're wired to judge people by their looks. So with some it may change the way they interact with others.

Biizu (our Avatar name) is above that! You can customise it for a light-hearted identity, to make Cliizii a fun, friendly and rewarding experience for all!

Q. How are the Avatars used?

A. Our unique Biizu-Avatars create a level playing-field, where there's no competition between selfies. Everyone can relax and feel comfortable, by having fun with their customization.

The Avatar also uses animation of their emoticon reaction to the Topic content under discussion, which adds to entertainment and engagement value.

Only first names or nicknames are used to identify Guests in the Chat Session, and there's also the opportunity to use Anonymous identities instead.

Q. You talk about Entertainment Values, what do you mean by that?

A. All communications are affected by people's ever-shorter attention spans, so to engage people's attention, you need to entertain them.
We've designed Cliizii to be a friendly and stimulating environment where the Guests (and you as Host) will want to keep coming back to the Chat Session to find out what's going on, and not miss out.

So even if it's a serious Topic, people will feel at ease and open-up in their interaction with the group.

Q. How do I know if someone has posted in a Session or sent me a Private Message?

A. If you're logged in to your Session it will be easy to see if one of your Guests has sent you a PM or made a Post. And if you're logged out, the email notifications will advise you of activity.

This is useful if your Session is running over a longer period, or includes Guests from different time-zones, so you'll never miss a thing.

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