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Closing The Trust Gap with Conversations

It’s no secret we have a serious Trust Gap at many levels of society. In this article I’ll discuss the background to why we have a Gap – and how business can close it, using the power of customer conversations.Journey to the edge …Customer Experience is the now the realm of a dazzling array of […]

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Insights vs Facts

Insights vs. Facts – the key to winning is knowing the difference!In popular usage Insights is often a substitute term for Market Research.We all do it! In entertainment brands it can be seen as more contemporary, tied with the actual outcomes you get from the research process. Fair enough.It’s also a friendlier word to engage […]

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Insights Communities Made Easy

The Insight Community you have, when you don’t have one! Now before I get into this, I just want to clarify. An Insight Community is a sub-category of Brand Communities, a group of people that love your brand!  Insight Communities are aspirational to those of us converted to the concept.  The idea of tapping into segments of […]

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What radio can learn from the Big Game

Bring it on!You’re only as good as your last play.“Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder …”Springtime in September in our Lands Down Under is a feast of riches for sports-fans. With a choice of the Australian AFL and NRL finals, and the international Rugby Championship.And a whole new level of intensity and skill for players, […]

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The 5 Senses of Fan Research

What’s MISSING from market research for entertainment brands?What are the roadblocks to being more engaging, and actionable?And what to do about those falling response rates, and the same old surveys?I call it the 5 SENSES OF FAN RESEARCH.1. Purpose2. Community3. Fun4. Value5. InfluenceAnd not forgetting the SIXTH SENSE. Find out more at the end …Being a fan is […]

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Humanising Research – A Guide For Marketers

The common thread in Bridging The Gap Between Marketing & Market Research, is ‘Humanising’ Research.If you missed my earlier article on it, you can check it out here.Making it a warm, friendly, even fun experience, so participants feel comfortable sharing their time, opinions and feelings with you.Of course, data collection has to be an organised, […]

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Bridging the Gap between Marketing & Market Research – Tips

Tip #1 – All marketing is relationships.And for your insights program to be an effective marketing touchpoint, customers must feel respected and safe, as in any relationship. Billy Joel called it “A Matter of Trust”. Where people feel they can share their feelings and opinions with you, without opening the floodgates to sophisticated, social media retargeting or […]

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Day 7 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

In the final day seven, we’re talking about using insights to drive innovation. When you have conversations with fans, listen closely to what they say about their experience. And how their ‘real life’ connects with your club. Because you’ll pick up valuable grass-roots insights to use in brainstorming. As a simple creative technique, try joining unrelated thoughts together to […]

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Day 6 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day six we’re talking about avatars. That is, building a detailed picture of your ideal target fans. Using not only demographics, but also telling the story of what their life is like. And how your club emotionally fits in their life. What makes them feel a special part of your community? And how can you tap into those motivations to […]

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