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Day 7 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

In the final day seven, we’re talking about using insights to drive innovation. When you have conversations with fans, listen closely to what they say about their experience. And how their ‘real life’ connects with your club. Because you’ll pick up valuable grass-roots insights to use in brainstorming. As a simple creative technique, try joining unrelated thoughts together to […]

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Day 6 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day six we’re talking about avatars. That is, building a detailed picture of your ideal target fans. Using not only demographics, but also telling the story of what their life is like. And how your club emotionally fits in their life. What makes them feel a special part of your community? And how can you tap into those motivations to […]

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Day 5 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day five we’re talking about what pop-stars know about fans. For instance, Taylor Swift, with over 300 million Facebook followers. And her secret, like sport, is tribal . She knows which of her fans have their own large audience, and gives them exclusive experiences. So they in turn, influence their friends, and amplify her reach. Creating a community for special […]

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Day 4 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day four we’re talking about going beyond the stats. Tapping into those deep, emotional insights, at the heart of your fan relationships. Because marketing has moved on from shouting one-way messages. While as consumers, we’ve actually gone back to our primal need for two-way conversations with a brand. Sharing our opinions and feelings around the digital campfire. We inform, entertain […]

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Day 3 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day three we’re talking about market research, and why traditional methods turn off fans. Like those long boring surveys – that feel like a tax form when you’re filling them out. These can be a weak link as a marketing touchpoint. Instead, try having a conversation with fans, as a mate, not a data point. You’ll unearth so much […]

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Day 2 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day two we’re talking segmenting your database, which plays a vital role in understanding your fans. Because everyone is different, it’s important to segment by key categories. So you can ask specific, customised questions when gathering insights, to help your decision-making. And fine-tune your marketing messages in the right language, for the most valuable segments. For example, try going […]

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Day 1 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day one it’s all about the fan relationship.It’s that special two-way conversation you can have with fans to get their regular feedback, and build that mutual respect, just like in real-life.And what that does, is build that special connection that they feel with you the club, and even with your individual team members.Now that becomes […]

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4 things you need, to really understand your customer.

It doesn’t matter what marketing channels you are using, or how much money you invest … if you don’t know your customer, and I mean really know them, you have no hope of triggering an emotional response that will motivate purchase. 1. Demographics:  You can’t know someone unless you know their profile.If you have an existing […]

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Marketing Sport as ‘Entertainment’ is all about relationships!

  If you’re the marketing manager or membership director of a sporting club, you have two goals: Get new members and retain the ones you have. This is sports marketing 101. In fact, it doesn’t matter how effective you are at ‘social media engagement’ or ‘top of the line’ advertising or how convincingly you claim […]

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